Dogs`D'Amour 12" Singles


How Come It Never Rains.  


  UK 1988                                                                                                                                           Picture Disc. UK 1989.

 UK 1989. Signed by Tyla & Steve James.


Dogs D'Amour



  Japan only 1988.                                                                                                            Japan only, Promo. 1988.


The Kid From  Kensington


Limited edition, Yellow Vinyl. UK 1988.                                                                                    Limited edition,.Yellow Vinyl. UK 1988.      


UK 1988


I Don't Want You To Go


Limited edition, Pink vinyl. UK 1988.                                                                                              Promo. USA 1988, with Poster.                                                                                                                 


UK 1988                                                                                                                            UK 1988, signed by the whole band.



 UK 1989                                                                                                           Limited edition Picture Disc. UK 1989. Signed by the whole band.


Satelite Kid

UK 1989. The Dogs special limited edition gatefold bag. Containing cartoon Picture Disc. Die-cut gatefold sleeve with space reserved for The Dogs D'Amour - Trail of Tears.


 UK 1989


Back On The Juice


 UK1990.                                                                                                                             UK Promo 1990.         


Special Limited edition Picture Disc. UK 1990.



Empty World  


UK 1990.                                                                                                         Special Limited Box Set, including giant poster, still sealed. UK 1990.

Special Limited Box Set, including giant poster. UK 1990.


Victims Of Success  


UK 1990.                                                                                                                                      UK Promo 1990.

Cut front and back sleeve limited edition. UK 1990.


Limited edition. Blue Vinyl. UK 1990.



Netherlands 1990.                                                                                                                                               UK 1990



Netherlands 1990. Signed by Joe Dog & Steve James.                                                               Netherlands 1990. Signed by the whole band.



All Or Nothing


Limited edition with doubled sided poster. UK 1993. Signed by Darrell.                                                     UK Promo 1993. Signed by Darrell. 


What You Do

UK Promo 1993. With an personal dedication to me by Darrell.