Tyla Setlists


Unknown date

Unknown place. Signed.







Unknown place?                                                            Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton,

                                                                                               14th july 2012.






Bannermanns, Edinburgh, 17th february.                        Reading, 3rd august.                                               Leicester, 4th august   




Cardiff, 5th august.                                                  Barcelona 13th september 2017.                            Madrid 15th september 2017.

                                                                              Signed by Gary with an personal                            Signed by Gary with an personal

                                                                              dedication to me                                                   dedication to me                                 






  Reading 3rd August 2017.                                          Cardiff 4rd August 2017.                                         Leichester 5th August, 2017.





London, december 8th. Signed by the band



Swansea, december 9th. Signed by Gary.




Wakefield, december 17th. Signed by Tyla.





Bannerman's, Edinburgh, december 13th.  



Lyric Sheets used at rehearsal on december 7th, and it was used in the Live Concert at Fullford Arms december, 8th by Tyla. A3 size.