Tyla Personal belongings


Gary Pennick's private calender.



Broken at Hard Rock Hell Sleaze and the Backstage Pass used by Simon Hanson.                                 



 Drum Sticks used by Simon Hanson on tour with Tyla.




Painted by Tyla. 14" Snare Drum Head, used by Simon Hansen in 2016 with Tyla.                                                                      


Painted by Tyla. Cymbal used by Simon Hanson.


Waistcoat used by Tyla on stage.  



Headset used by Tyla from 2015 to late 2018. With an personal dedication to me.



Proposed cover art to the In Vino Veritas CD, given to me from Gary. (25 pages).  



Bass Drumskin that have belonged to Simon Hanson on the Winter Tour 2018.



Harmonica used and engraved by Tyla.