Tyla official DVD's

Live or Death


UK 2004. Part 1. Signed by Tyla.                                                   UK 2004. Part 2. Signed by Tyla.  


UK 2013. Live or Death Reissue. Signed by Tyla with an personal dedication to me.


The Dogs D'Amour Unleashed...  

UK 2006.


Live New York & Europe


UK 2006.                                                                          UK 2013. Live Acoustic New York & Europe DVD reissue. Signed by Tyla.


Live MMIX                                     

UK 2010. Limited to the patrons of In The Dynamite Jet Saloon MMX.

Tales from the Tavern


UK 2013. Signed by Tyla with an                                                            UK 2013.

personal dedication to me.  

The TJP Band - Live


UK 2016. Cardboard sleeve.                                                                                     UK 2016. Cardboard sleeve. Signed by the whole band.

Signed by Tyla with an personal dedication.




UK 2018. Live. With an personal dedication.  Signed by the whole band.                                



 Original Master Disc.  Live, different content than the official release.

Gift from Gary Pennick to me.


It's Bad Luck To Be Superstitious

UK 2019.  Hand numbered #2 and signed by Tyla.


There Is No Present Like The Time 


UK 2019. Signed by Tyla.


Strings, Clarets and Quills

UK 2019. DVD and CD. Hand numbered #158 and signed by Tyla.