Official Albums

The State We're in (1984) 

                                                                     The State We're in with slipcase, UK 2003.  Signed by Tyla.



In The Dynamite Jet Saloon (1988)


 Europe 1988. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                                Japan reissue 1989. Signed by Tyla.                                               



Japan Picture CD 1989.   Signed by Tyla.                                                                                  Japan Promo 1989.  Signed by Tyla.



USA, 1988. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                          USA, 1988. Signed by Tyla & Bam.          



USA, 1988. Promo CD.  Signed by Tyla.                                                                                        Compilation, UK 1998. Signed by Tyla.   



Cardboard Sleeve, UK 2016.  Signed by Tyla.                                                                        Spain, Sanni Records 1988.  Signed by Tyla



 Japan, 1989. Signed by Tyla                                                                                                             Germany, 1988. Signed by Tyla


Reissue. Germany, 1991.                                                                                                                Japan 1993. Reissue, Promo. Signed by Tyla.       


France 1988. Signed by Tyla.


(Un)Authorised Bootleg (1988)

Cardboard Sleeve, UK 2017. Signed by Tyla.


Wild & Glamorous (1988)

Japan (only) 1988. Signed by Tyla.



A Graveyard of Empty Bottles (1989)


UK 1989. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                                      Japan 1989. Signed by Tyla.   



 UK 1991.  Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                            Compilation, UK 1998. Signed by Tyla.


Promo Japan Reissued 1993. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                              Germany 1989. Signed by Tyla.


Errol Flynn / Kings Of Thieves (1989)


 UK 1989. Signed by Tyla.                                                                               Germany 1989. Mispress, plays a Pop Band, not Dogs D'Amour. Signed by Tyla.          


Promo, USA 1989.  Signed by Tyla.                                                                                              Picture CD, Japan, 1989. Signed by Tyla.


Japan, 1993, Reissued. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                USA, 1989. Signed by Bam and Tyla.


 Compilation, UK 1998. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                    Cardboard sleeve, UK 2016. Signed by Tyla.

Japan Promo 1989.



Straight??!! (1990)


UK & Europe 1990. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                            Japan 1990. Signed by Tyla.                                                           


Compilation, UK 1998. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                         Cardboard sleeve, UK 2016. Signed by Tyla.                                      


Germany  1998.                                                                                                            Sanni Records, Spain 1998. Signed by Tyla.


Japan Promo 1990. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                        Japan 1993, Reissued.         


Russia. Signed by Tyla.  


Dogs Hits and Bootleg Album (1991)


UK 1991. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                              Double-Disc Fatbox, Japan 1991. Signed by Tyla.


Japan 1991. Second Press. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                             USA 1991. Signed by Tyla.



Sanni Records. Spain 1991.                                                                                                        Japan Promo 1991. Signed by Tyla.


Gold CD. France 1991. Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                      Germany 1991. Signed by Tyla.



More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace (1993)


UK 1993. Signed by Tyla and Darrell.                                                                                     Japan 1993.  Signed by Tyla & Darrell.                                                                            



Cardboard sleeve, UK 2016. Signed by Tyla & Darrell                                                                            Italy 1993. Signed by Darrell.


Austria 1993. Signed by Darrell & Tyla                                                                                       Japan Promo 1993. Signed by Darrell and Tyla. 


 Germany 1993. Signed by Darrell & Tyla.                                                                                            UK 1993. Including "All Or Nothing".


Germany 1993. Signed by Tyla & Darrell. Different from the other Germany release.  


CD Deluxe Edition with VHS, UK 1993.


Skeleton - The Best of The Dogs D'Amour (1997)

UK 1997. Signed by Tyla & Darrell Bath.


Happy Every After (2000)


Promo, UK 2000.                                                                                                                         UK 2000. Signed by Tyla.                                                          


UK 2001.  Signed by Tyla.                                                                                                             Japan, 2000. Signed by Tyla.


Seconds (2000)

UK 2000.  Signed by Tyla.


Heart Shaped Skulls: Best of 1988-93 (2004)


Compilation CD & DVD, UK 2004.  Signed by Tyla                                                                                   Promo, UK 2004. Signed by Tyla.  



Swingin' The Bottle (2017) 


UK 2017. Signed by Tyla.


MP3 CD's (2019)


Russia 2019. MP3 Bootleg.                                                                                          Russia 2019. MP3 Bootleg.


Russia 2019. MP3 Bootleg.


Tributes covering Dogs D'Amour

Bullet Proof Poems. Italy 1999. No #108/1000.